Defense: Licentiate thesis

My licentiate thesis has been published and is freely available! The defense will take place September 5th. If you are interested and have the possibility of joining, drop me a line: it is open for anyone who wants to attend.


Like some other countries, Sweden has the tradition of a licentiate degree, a post-MSc degree classified below a doctoral degree. While not an obligatory step for students pursuing a PhD, some universities use it both as a milestone for the student, and as an opportunity to practice the process of writing and defending a thesis.

The licentiate thesis falls roughly midway in the process of a PhD, and contains the work the student has done up to that point. Its validity will be checked by a small committees: an examiner from the faculty, a referee from elsewhere, and an external professor in the field, who challenges the candidate to defend the work during a public session. More information on Wikipedia.