Joining the JupyterHub team

Since October 1st, I’m part of the Project Jupyter team to work on JupyterHub. The Project Jupyter team, among other things, develops several open-source programming tools.

Perhaps the most well-known project is Jupyter Notebook, a browser interface for programming languages.

JupyterHub, another project, facilitates the setup of a Jupyter Notebook server for multiple users. This allows any organisation to setup and maintain a programming environment for their users or members, relieving them of the burden to have their own computing resources or maintain their installations.

Through a part-time agreement with Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo, Norway, I’m funded to spend time developing and maintaing parts of the backend of JupyterHub. Specifically, I will be working with @minrk, @IvanaH8 and @kiendang on implementing role-based access control (RBAC) for the JupyterHub API. I’ve been an avid user of JupyterLab and JupyterHub for years, and it is pretty cool to meet the people who’ve been working on that and be able to team up with them.

I hope to come back with a future post on what RBAC entails and how it should improve JupyterHub.

You can follow all JupyterHub development activity in the GitHub repository.