PhD defense preparations: spikning

The date of my PhD defense is approaching rapidly. Wednesday May 19th at 15:00 I will be presenting my thesis “Multiscale models and simulations for diffusion and interaction in heterogeneous domains”. Both the physical and the digital version of the thesis have been published today, and the latter is available here.

Traditionally in Sweden, three weeks prior to the defense of a PhD candidate, their work will be published and made available through a ceremony called a “spikning” (nailing, red.). During this ceremony, the candidate uses a hammer to nail their thesis to (representation of) a tree so it can be scrutinized by anyone who wishes to do so. Subsequently, any questions or comments can be posed at the defense itself, being a public and open event.

Most of all, it feels very satisfying to hold the physical result of 5 years of work in your hands. Onwards to the final stage!

Thesis cover